Lianda XingSheng Group Indiam popcorn CSR for children welfare

Everyone is an apple that has been bitten by God, It’s not perfect
But some people are born different.   Maybe ,Because God loves his fragrance so much


There’s this group of kids , They are as pure and clear as stars
And as lonely as a star ,They are little angels with broken wings
To be abandoned for various reasons
But it has also gained more love from “parents” from the society And watch them grow up

go into children welfare homes

As Children’s Day is approaching on June 1st, in order to better care for special children and let children in welfare homes enjoy the warmth of the big family, today, Lianda XingSheng Group brings popcorn which brand name INDIAM to the social welfare homes to bring the best wishes and gifts for children during the holiday

Today, Shijiazhuang Social Welfare Home held a charity donation ceremony. On behalf of the company of Lianda XingSheng Company, Zhi Xiaobing, chairman assistant , made a speech on the scene to thank all the staff of the hospital for their great love and dedication, and expressed his wishes and expectations to the children. The scene of the love transfer, wish the children have a good and happy future.

In view of the epidemic and to protect their health, there was no direct contact with the children. After the donation ceremony, Jiao Lei, president of Shijiazhuang Social Welfare Institute, led the audience to visit the activity display wall of the institute, and introduced the activities organized in the institute and the situation of the children in detail

go into social Children Welfare 2

Love will never stop, and the public welfare will be passed on from generation to generation. For a long time, lianda xingsheng group has been paying attention to public welfare, and has been doing its best to give back to the society and fulfill its social responsibilities. Thereafter, it will continue to do a good job in public welfare activities, repay the trust of the society with public welfare, and practice its brand responsibility with love


Post time: Jun-01-2021