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Hebei Cici Co., Ltd.

was established in 2003, which is an industrialized enterprise focusing on the field of high-end snack food, with more than 10 years of import and export trade practice and rich marketing experience in the field of snack food, supported by technological research and development innovation capabilities, expansion of production capacity and scale advantages, to achieve integration of the industries  and agriculture integrated enterprise operation mechanism.

The capacity of the new Industry 4.0 standard popcorn factory, which will be put into operation next year, can reach 500 million yuan.(74 million USD )
The company practices a large single product marketing model, channel promotion intensive work, high brand awareness, the products are sold in domestic high-end supermarket chains, KA stores, local specialty supermarkets, international chain management organizations and chain convenience stores and other sales channels, China's top 100 retail formats have cooperation.


Company Vision: Become a world class FMCG company.

Company Mission brand mission: let everyone enjoy the joy of popcorn!

Brand Vision : to become the first brand of popcorn category in China.

Core Values: building dreams together, focusing on innovation, integrity and cooperation, leading to excellence.

Popcorn head brands : INDIAM
Multiple certifications GLOBALGAP, ISO 22000.
High market share: (cooperation channel)
Development: New factory, new layout, to be the first in China, to radiate the world.
Professional: A professional import and export marketing team built with ladder-type talents.
Focus: all in popcorn a single item, to achieve the ultimate single item be perfect!

Concentration: To physically carry out the mission of the brand and concentrate on making better quality and cost-effective popcorn.

about us

Popcorn, as a typical representative of the therapeutic snack, can quickly increase the level of dopamine secretion in the brain in a short period of time, making people feel happy, and thus more like the crunchy taste of popcorn, is a must-have snack for entertainment, watching movies and catching up on TV shows. In addition, popcorn without shells and cores is easy to eat and conducive to environmental cleanliness; popcorn can also unlock a variety of ways to eat, enjoy the fun and sense.

about us

1. Selected raw materials: Indiam Popcorn is made from imported mushroom corn, high quality maltose syrup and imported premium caramel to ensure a natural and sweet taste.

2. Healthy Pursuit: We use of natural oil palm kernels extracted from low-fat, low-calorie vegetable oil to ensure the health of our products.

3. Natural and delicious: Healthy raw materials, round and full balls, crisp taste , bright color, no hard cores without dregs.

4. Unique Technology: Indian popcorn has advanced automatic production line, using light roasting modern technology, the expansion is just right, the ball is round and full, slagging completely.


18 minutes of baking for a crispier taste: After hundreds of tests, the 18-minute baking process ensures that the nutrition of the product itself and the crispy taste of the product are optimized.

about us


1.Raw materials





6. 18 minutes low temperature baking

7.Packing and sealing

8. Air-flowed cooling

9. Coding

10. Packing

11. Storage

about us


A first in the low-temperature baking process for better taste.

The appearance is highly recognizable and portable.

Own Brand + Own Factory + Marketing + Professional Services

Looking forward to building win-win business cooperation with you!