Caramel Flavored INDIAM Popcorn 118g

Specs:118g(CUPS), 30 CUPS / CARTON
Packing : Easy-Pack Cups
Flavor:Honey Butter

Our popcorn own brand is :  INDIAM
Our INDIAM Popcorn is top brand and very famous in Chinese market
All the INDIAM popcorn is gluten-free ,GMO-free and zero-trans fat

Our non-GMO kernels are sourced from the best farms in the world

We got highly recognize by our JAPAN customers and we already built steady long-term cooperation .They are very satisfied with our INDIAM popcorn .

  • FOB Price: USD0.8-0.85/barrel
  • MOQ: 1080barrels
  • Capacity: 450000barrels per month
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    Popcorn and honey butter were made for each other. The toasty taste of corn compliments the rich creaminess of butter, and a touch of honey develops both flavors.

    1.Selected raw materials Indiam Popcorn is made from imported mushroom corn, high quality maltose syrup and imported premium caramel to ensure a natural and sweet taste.
    2.Healthy Pursuit We use of natural oil palm kernels extracted from low-fat, low-calorie vegetable oil to ensure the health of our products.
    3.Natural and delicious Healthy raw materials, round and full balls, crisp taste , bright color, no hard cores without dregs.
    4.Unique technology Indian popcorn has advanced automatic production line, using light roasting modern technology, the expansion is just right, the ball is round and full, slagging completely

    5: In order to ensure the expansion and fullness of popcorn, natural sweet, our company created a unique 18-minute baking technology (and declared the national patent), so that the popcorn fluffy just right, sugar evenly infiltration, crisp, refreshing, fragrance,

    make popcorn quality taste out of the ordinary
    Here’s a popcorn to serve on almost any occasion. Perfect for keep a batch on hand to serve guests.
    Perfect for Hampers, Speciality Food Shops, Delicatessens, Cinemas, Theatres,and perfect for Gift Stores, Speciality Food Shops and E-Commerce Sites.

    For export container info

    Carton Net weight : 3.54 kg
    Carton around : 0.06 cbm
    20FT: 430ctn
    40GP : 900ctn
    Cups Packsize: 3 x 33×34(cm)

    Preservation method

    Because popcorn is easy to be affected by moisture, it will lose its crisp and delicious fresh taste after being affected by moisture, so popcorn is not easy to keep for too long, so it should be eaten fresh. If you want to store it, keep it in a well ventilated and dry place to prevent moisture.

    Historical sources

    Popcorn is a kind of puffed food that has existed in ancient times. Hundreds of years ago, necklaces were greedy. Before European immigrants moved to this “new world”, the Indians living in this continent were in vogue to eat popcorn.
    After returning to Europe, Columbus once described to people the vivid scene of Indian children in the “new world” peddling in the street with popcorn necklaces. It was also the Indians who taught the new European immigrants the techniques of planting and baking corn.

     Caramel flavored INDIAM popcorn 118g  Caramel flavored INDIAM popcorn 118g  Caramel flavored INDIAM popcorn 118g

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