Categories of popcorn

Categories of popcorn

At present, the popcorn on the market is mainly divided into butterfly shape and spherical shape.

The characteristics of spherical popcorn. Advantages: high expansion rate, regular shape, beautiful, uniform structure; Crispy taste, no corn residue after bursting, vitamin and cellulose loss is also less, can be adjusted into a variety of flavors. Disadvantages: The production process is complex, the procurement of good raw materials is difficult, the price is higher.

According to the processing technology classification

The first type, high pressure explosion. This is the most traditional way of making popcorn, common in rural areas in the early years. Corn is usually placed with other ingredients in a sealed financial can, heated to a certain pressure, and then suddenly opened to pop the corn by the pressure difference.

The second category, microwave popcorn. Advantages: Eat with processing, simple, relatively low price. Disadvantages: the heat is not easy to master, not paste is not open; The taste is simple, usually creamy.

The third type is mechanized and manual atmospheric explosive system.  The disadvantages is the high content of oil and sugar will easily cause the excessive intake of sugar, which is bad for health.

The fourth category,  the hand-made products are formed once, which can effectively retain the original flavor and necessary moisture of corn, so that the products will not be too dry, and the taste is crisp and crisp. The original products will have the natural fragrance of corn, and the oil and sugar are relatively lower, which is also healthier.

Post time: Oct-14-2022