Lianda Xingsheng & Mengde Consulting Achieve strategic cooperation


On July 5, Lianda Xingsheng held a strategic cooperation ceremony with Hebei Mengde Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Both sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of FMCG food industry. Mr. Guo, Chairman of Lianda Xingsheng Company, and Mr. Wang Yuqiang, General Manager of Mengde Enterprise, attended the strategic cooperation launch ceremony.


Pic. Chairman Guo of Lianda Xingsheng

 Mr. Guo and Mr. Wang delivered speeches respectively, expressed the expectation for the prospect of this strategic cooperation. Both parties will conduct in-depth research in marketing, as well as exporing the feasibility of the upstream route for new brands in the FMCG sector. Realize the strategic objectives of both parties for the future market.


Pic. General Manager Wang of Mengde Consulting

Lianda Xingsheng is oriented to international brand operation, to take the industrial development route, supported by technological research and innovation capabilities. Expansion of production capacity to enhance the advantages of scale. Realize the enterprise operation mechanism of integration of three industries and integration of trade, industry and agriculture.

The company’s products integrate a variety of modern fashion elements, suitable for different levels and age groups of consumers. And sell well in domestic medium and high-end supermarket chains, KA stores, local specialty supermarkets, international chain operators and chain convenience stores and other sales channels. And synchronize the branding to export to overseas markets.


 Pic. Strategic cooperation officially launched

Lianda Xingsheng Company in the spirit of continuous innovation, the prusuit of excellence, acquire recognition from partners and consumers. The cooperation will focus on brand value building, brand positioning strategy, brand resource integration and marketing to conduct in-depth research and cooperation in the FMCG industry.

Promote marketing upgrading of leisure food industry, expand market share, to provide consumers with a more diversified and international choice of products.


Post time: Jul-07-2021