Lock Fresh Technology  Innovation

Under the influence of the growing health consciousness of consumers, the snack food market is undergoing a revolution, especially in the field of healthy grain snacks. As a pioneer of domestic popcorn brands, INDIAM has continuously made breakthroughs in product research and technological innovation, and after more than 100 tests, developed an 18-minute low-temperature baking technology to meet the constantly increasing consumer demand. INDIAM Popcorn’s lock-fresh baking technology is a new attempt at product preservation, aimed at maximizing the natural taste and nutritional value of grains.7118-1

INDIAM popcorn’s lock fresh baking technology represents the relentless pursuit of quality preservation in the snack industry, which is not only reflected in the strict requirements for product quality, but also shows INDIAM popcorn’s accurate grasp of consumer trends and growing market competitiveness. With the continuous innovation of technology and the continuous improvement of consumer experience, we expect INDIAM to continue to lead the development of the healthy snack market and provide consumers with more high-quality, delicious and healthy food choices.



Post time: May-14-2024