New product launch – INDIAM soft corn


Rich cheese flavor

Select origin fresh plump corn

Use quality milk powder from New Zealand

Each piece is evenly coated with rich cheese powder

Light and fluffy, with an attractive golden color

Smells full of cheese milk and tastes sweet 


Sweet and natural banana flavor

Carefully selected ingredients, Create with ingenuity

Combination of sweet banana and corn

Fresh, natural and fruity

Evenly coated banana powder mixed with grain

Enrich the taste of romantic experience


 18-minute low temperature baking technology

INDIAM soft corn selects raw materials from the source, uses Indiam exclusive advanced

technology“18-minute low temperature baking technology”, adopts physical extrusion and

   puffing, non-frying, fully retains more nutrition, delicious and healthy! Irregular shape, fully

 penetrate to every gap, every bite is full of cheese milk and sweet banana flavor, combined

                                       with soft waxy crispy taste.


Product: INDIAM cheese soft corn, INDIAM banana soft corn

Flavor: cheese flavor, banana flavor (more flavors in development)

Specifications: 108g × 16 bags/carton, 50g × 20 bags/carton



Post time: Apr-15-2023