The brand linkage for INDIAM popcorn and Mercedes-Benz Cars

The brand linkage for INDIAM popcorn and Mercedes-Benz Cars

popcorn with benz

INDIAM popcorn join hands with Mercedes-Benz Cars successfully for this events

It shows that INDIAM popcorn has very rich internal merits.In particular, Indiam popcorn has their own insight into consumer trends and landing product innovation and upgrading ability.
Indiam popcorn and mercedes , This transboundary business cooperation is strategic alignment. And Indiam popcorn is in a novel form of display that improve marketing transformation.

popcorn with benz 2

Indiam Popcorn was officially exported to Japan before this events
INDIAM popcorn The terminal linkage with global luxury car brand mercedes-benz, carry the power of the international brand, speed up the construction of perfect Indiam popcorn brand strength, improve the popcorn brand influence, achieve highly integrated, trust, popularity and reputation for the accumulation of brand strength and depth of mining core markets, expand the market share has positive significance

Post time: Apr-20-2021