The development trend of popcorn products

The development trend of popcorn products


Considering the current situation of the popcorn market, there are several development trends of popcorn products as follows:

The spherical. Due to the shape, taste, flavor and other advantages of spherical products compared with butterfly products, spherical products gradually replace the traditional butterfly products has become inevitable.

Diversify or simplify. The spherification of popcorn laid the foundation for the development of a variety of taste products. Currently on the market, there are mainly plain, strawberry, cream, chocolate and caramel, etc.

In the process of diversification, there are two different development trends: one is to complicate the popcorn products, for example, some put ham in the popcorn, some make onion oil, and many add carotene to the popcorn to make it look beautiful and golden. Another category is to insist on simple products made simply, using only natural, the most basic raw materials. From the point of view of beneficial to consumer health, the author thinks that simple, natural and healthy should be the future trend of popcorn product development.

Mass or customization. With the development of diversification, the scale of popcorn market is expanding day by day, many manufacturers have introduced various types of mechanized technology for mass production, so as to supply to supermarkets at a lower cost, so that popcorn production has moved toward the development of mechanized industry. However, this method also causes problems such as adding a variety of food additives to prolong shelf life. Therefore, there is a kind of business is customized production, that is, make full use of Internet technology, according to the needs of the room order production will quickly express the product to the hands of consumers, in order to better meet consumer needs.


Post time: Oct-14-2022