Cream Flavor Popcorn INDIAM brand

Specs:118g(CUPS), 30 CUPS / CARTON
Packing : Easy-Pack Cups

Our popcorn own brand is :  INDIAM
Our INDIAM Popcorn is top brand and very famous in Chinese market
All the INDIAM popcorn is gluten-free ,GMO-free and zero-trans fat

Our non-GMO kernels are sourced from the best farms in the world

We got highly recognize by our JAPAN customers and we already built steady long-term cooperation .They are very satisfied with our INDIAM popcorn .

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oday, I’ll introduce to you how to make this original popcorn. It’s really much simpler than you think.

There are only two or three kinds of raw materials needed, and you can make different popcorn according to your personal preferences.

A bite of a crackle, watching movies brush drama essential snacks, caramel taste more delicious.

1. Prepare the corn kernels and cooking oil needed for making the original popcorn in advance. The small corn kernels we use this time are butterfly shaped, and many people will not buy them specially. If they can’t buy them, it’s OK to replace them with ordinary corn kernels. First of all is to put the corn into the running water repeatedly washed clean, with a smaller density of the leakage net drain water, put aside.

2. Take out a clean stainless steel frying pan (preferably non stick) without water and oil, and open fire to heat the frying pan.

3. If you want to use butter, take the butter out of the refrigerator in advance and melt it at room temperature. After the oil is hot, you can pour all the dried corn into the pot, and use the wooden shovel to turn it continuously, because the surface of the corn is not completely covered with oil, so it is easy to stick to the bottom of the pot.

4. Slowly, the temperature in the pot keeps rising, and the corn kernels will burst when heated at high temperature. When you hear the sound of Zila and see the surface crack, you can cover the pot.

5. You can’t open the lid frequently after you cover the pan, so you need to shake the pan from time to time. On the one hand, shaking the bottom of the pan frequently can prevent the phenomenon of sticking to the pan, on the other hand, it can make the corn grains heat more evenly without staying in the same place.

Wait a few minutes, through the transparent lid can see the corn complete explosion, can not hear what sound can turn off the fire to open the lid. Butter can also be used to make caramel flavor. Put a layer of oil proof paper in the small bowl and let it cool slightly at room temperature to get crispy popcorn.

For export container info

Carton Net weight : 3.54 kg
Carton around : 0.06 cbm
20FT: 430ctn
40GP : 900ctn

 Caramel flavored INDIAM popcorn 118g  Caramel flavored INDIAM popcorn 118g Caramel flavored INDIAM popcorn 118g


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