Bear Sesame Popcorn in bags

Specs:100 gram per big bag
( inside 12gram per small bag , total 8 bags )

Packing : bags
Flavor: Sesame

Our popcorn own brand is :  INDIAM 
Our INDIAM Popcorn is top brand and very famous in Chinese market 
All the INDIAM popcorn is gluten-free ,GMO-free and zero-trans fat

Our non-GMO kernels are sourced from the best farms in the world

We got highly recognize by our JAPAN customers and we already built steady long-term cooperation .They are very satisfied with our INDIAM popcorn .

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How popcorn works

The common popcorn is made by putting corn, butter and sugar into the popcorn machine.

Bear Sesame Popcorn take the right amount of corn (or rice) into the popcorn pot, and seal the top cover, and then put the popcorn pot on the stove to rotate continuously to make it evenly heated, you can explode delicious popcorn.

This is because in the process of heating, the temperature in the pot is rising, and the pressure of the gas in the pot is also increasing. When the temperature rises to a certain extent, the rice grains will gradually become soft, and most of the water in the rice grains will become water vapor. Due to the high temperature, the pressure of water vapor is very high, which makes the softened rice grains expand.

But at this time, the pressure inside and outside the rice is balanced, so the rice will not explode in the pot. When the pressure in the pot rises to 4-5 atmospheres, the top cover of the popcorn pot is suddenly opened, the gas in the pot expands rapidly, and the pressure decreases quickly, which makes the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the rice grain larger, resulting in the rapid expansion of high-pressure water vapor in the rice grain, and the instant explosion of the rice grain is popcorn.

 Caramel flavored INDIAM popcorn 118g  Caramel flavored INDIAM popcorn 118g Caramel flavored INDIAM popcorn 118g

The Story of Popcorn

According to the legend of Jin Dou Hua Hua and popcorn, Wu Zetian became the emperor. Because she usurped the Tang Dynasty and angered the Jade Emperor, she ordered the Dragon King not to rain on the earth for three years. The common people are suffering. The land is so dry that the crops are withered and the ponds are dried up. When the dragon king saw the dried up grain and the starving people everywhere, he couldn’t bear to rain against the order. The Jade Emperor was furious when he heard about it. He was about to put the Dragon King under a mountain and be punished. On the stone tablet, he wrote, “the Dragon King should be punished for breaking heaven’s rules when he rains. If you want to return to Lingxiao Pavilion, you can return only when golden beans bloom.

In order to save the Dragon King, the common people searched everywhere for the blooming golden beans, but they couldn’t find such beans anywhere! On the second day of February, someone saw an old woman selling corn in the market. He had an idea that the corn was golden beans. It would blossom if it was fried.

Therefore, the Jade Emperor spared the Dragon King’s sin, recalled it to heaven, regained the power of wind and rain, and soon spring rain fell on earth. Since then, every year at the beginning of February, the ordinary people have been eating popcorn, while they are still chanting the doggerel of “on February 2, the Dragon rises, the big hoard is full, and the small warehouse flows”, hoping for a prosperous future.

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